Yes, it works with fish too!

imageAs has perhaps become apparent, I love cooking North-African inspired food. So far the brand new tagine dish was tested with chicken, lamb and vegetables. So it comes as no surprise that now it was time to move to my favorite – fish! image

This time we used cod, which (though from the North Atlantic), works beautifully for a tagine, as it is quite firm. I made the chermoula for the first time – quite hot and smoky, but delicious. A mix of flat leaf parsley, garlic, lots of Moroccan spices, safron, smoked paprika, oil, lemon juice, a splash of vinegar, some capers etc.        


The chermoula looks browner than I had hoped, though I used lots of parsley. Perhaps work on that next time…  Or follow the recipe more closely…


Though the basic sauce works beautifully with just about everything, I did use a recipe for inspiration, though I did not have all the vegetables. Usually these recipes are easy in that sense (and this is why I love them!), as whatever is available will work.

See here for the recipe:


One day I will travel to North Africa to enjoy all these wonderful tastes, until then.. Dreaming in my kitchen, with my spectacular tagine… Happy you’re there to share the journey!

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